Why of linguistics, which include language-related problem or

Why is it important to study Applied Linguistics? Applied linguistics is a branch of linguistics, which include language-related problem or manage language-related anxiety.

Applied linguistics is concerned with problem’s solutions. It is very important to study applied linguistics branch, for its interesting features. There are many reasons that made studying applied linguistics important and essencial. Applied liguistics can be applied in any field, such as language learning. According to Bloom and Lahey (Owen, 1992: 14), language is very complex system, that can be well understood with elaborate an element, or component functions. Applied linguistics also encodes the ideas, (semantics). It uses a symbol of sounds, words, and so represent an actual incident, object, or relationship. In addition, applied linguistics is used to communicate these ideas with others.

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The use of certain patterns, which include such an important part together, with the corresponding sounds (phonology), the appropriate word order (syntax), and the prefix and suffix appropriate word (morphology), to clarify more specific. Speaker uses component to receive certain communications purposes, such as searching for information, get information, or to get a response (pragmatics). Therefore, to discuss more in deph the relationship between applied linguistics and language learning. In conclusion, applied linguistics is a branch of study which deals with solving specific problems in society. It is interesting field to study, because it helps learners to improve their language capacity in many ways.


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