Bud life is all about to me

Bud Speaks Views from a Dog’s Perspective for Humans As the “Top Dog” here at the Retriever Barn I am not only an authority on hunting but also I thoroughly understand the problems you humans have. You know, all my children and I want to do is get a retrieve in now and then. We get real tired of showing up day after day during hunting season only to see our supposedly human partners miss another bird. Sometimes I feel we are better off back at the kennel retrieving dummies from Mr.

Maxey. Speaking of dummies, I have hunted with more than a few in my day. Back to this whole thing on retrieving. You know, that’s what life is all about to me and the kids.

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I am not interested in seeing my children turned into “lap dogs” or “lard hounds”. Our reward is to be with you humans and just make a retrieve. I hear Mr. Maxey telling my kids’ owners all the time, “The retrieve is the reward.

” He is right this time. It’s that other stuff he talks about sometimes that I wonder about. The bottom line is we don’t need treats to be coaxed into retrieving, our reward is just making the retrieve. While I am on this whole business of food, I am concerned that some of you humans are fattening up my kids. If you don’t eat it, I am not interested.

Why should I eat those table scraps when you humans are eating the steak? I think you can do better than that. Just give us some good old dog food. We don’t need that $30 or $40 a bag kind.

Save your money and take us hunting with the savings. If you need a new gun, use it for that. We are working class dogs. Speaking of treatment, one of my kids just got a new dog house. This thing is cedar lined, insulated and specially treated. What a pad! The thing weighs over 600 pounds and, of course, has a built in self feeder. Just after getting his new dog house, my son wanted to put one over on his owner.

When the outside temperature got to a comfortable 20;F he decided to sleep outside for the night on the hay. He told …

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