Why of the team are not sure

Why doesn’t this team work?Something that can’t be defined, can’t be measured. In this case as well, the objective of the team formation is very unclear and generalized. Due to this, the members of the team are not sure about how to contribute to the organization.One member each from all the departments and years of experience are put together for this purpose. This leads to conflicts and the team doesn’t have a common commitment because of this.

Though diversity brings together different set of skills and ideas, it can impact a group negatively as well. The members of the group in this case are more focused towards their past experiences and emotion, rather than the achievement of the objective.Eric, previously had a job profile which dealt in consultancy, he didn’t have much experience of working as a team leader.The work culture of the organization has been working as individuals and not as team. This makes the Randy resist working with all the members, collectively.

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Not even once during the 4 meetings did any of the member talks about finding the actual problem and an effective solution to it. They are more focused on attaining consensus rather than drawing out various ideas.


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