Why vote. However, though people are expected to

Why is it no good for the young people not to vote? Voting is a system that is used in passing certain policies. It is also a method that is used in selecting a particular item or the right candidate among many especially during the political elections. This involves selecting the person who will be selected for the office. Voting is a democratic process that is used in making decisions and in expressing one’s opinions in most countries it is your right whether to vote or not but in countries like Belgium, Australia and Brazil it is a must to vote.However, though people are expected to give their opinion not every body is allowed to do this. For example, in America only persons who are over the age of 18 years are allowed to take part in the voting process.

My main concern on this essay is to bring to the light why young people should not vote. They are not mature enough. The first reason why persons who are considered as minors or those under the age of eighteen years are not allowed to vote is because they are considered not to be mature enough to make their independent decisions.(Voting for those under 18 years old. , 2006) These people may easily be influenced by a number of things on the decision that they would make.

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It is assumed that people who are below the age of 18 years do not understand properly the purpose of voting and how various institutions operate. For this reason they cannot know the right person they should elect instead they would follow what their parents would do. The voting time. Another reason why youngsters should not vote is that majority of them are in schools.That means if they are allowed to do so then the school program must be interfered and a lot of time would be wasted, as most of them would join the campaign teams.

Education requires undivided attention therefore, if politics are allowed to chip in the education sector concentration would cease and school time would be wasted. This is because you cannot serve two masters thus schoolwork would be compromised. It should be known that these people most of them are in colleges and schools which may be far away from their homes and thus are not aware of the most issues that affect their localities.These people should not be allowed to vote, as they would find it hard to balance schoolwork with politics. They are easily excited and chaotic.

Most of those who are considered as minors are in their teen age and this is a period when they are easily excited by anything thus allowing them to take part in the voting process, it would end up being disastrous as any little disagreement that might result can only be solved by fighting.According to the law these people are not responsible for their actions as they are not yet mature to consent on national political issues. Many of them are still under the care of their parents and therefore it is assumed that their will would be taken care of by their parents. (Voting for those under 18 years old. , 2006) In short, everybody who is considered to be a minor should not be allowed to take part in the electoral process as most of them are undertaking their school courses that demands a great deal of concentration.These people are also under the care of their parents thus their will is well taken catered for by their parents. Also they are not well aware of the issues affecting their home areas as most of them are in school that are located far away from home. They should be patient and wait for their turn as everybody must pass through that stage.

Reference: Voting for those under 18 years old. , November 2006. Iowa Civic Analysis Network (I- CAN) Accessed on 23rd February 2008. https://uiowa.edu/

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