American generation by the mean of political

American population was divided to two groups. One group consists of the federalists who were living in north.

Their interest was on the side of the merchants, ship-owners, and manufacturers. They are now known as the Democrat party. North was going through an industrial revolution and Democratic Party was in favor of this change. Second group consists of anti-federalists, who were living in the south and were in the interests of state and farmers right.

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They are now known as the republican. History of the Americans shows that the two political interest groups had/have their own distinct ideas. Those ideas were planted to the younger generation by the mean of political socialization.

Parents have great influence on this issue. This is one of the reasons; two party systems have been passed down since. Another reason we have a two party system is because of the political culture.

It means that American want a continuing normal and effective system. American's do not like to make changes much. Once an effective and logical system was introduced to them, they adopted it and decided to stay with the system. It has been demonstrated that Democrats has been representing the working class population, and Republican has been known to take side of middle, upper class, and commercial interests. It has been easy for these two parties to adapt to the population's needs and wants in order to gain new and more members. By adapting new popular policies from smaller parties they tend to attract the voting population. They also try to attract opposing voting people. For example Republican try to attract working class African American people and at the same time Democrats try to make professional and business group attracted to their side.

The winner take all electoral system is another reason that two system parties has been around for so long. Since the winner is always chosen based on Plurality and they receive everything, the se…

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