Why united as one for one common cause,

Why do people fight? Does anything good ever come from it? Who usually wins? The aggressor or assailed? Neither, it's whichever believes that in choosing to fight, that the victory would be assured to them.

The cause fought for is only right to those who chose to fight for it. Every person wants to be right; why would anyone want to be wrong? If being right would mean fighting, then so be it. This has always been the logical mentality of any willed human being. Our will can even bring us to go against our own brethren. We united as one for one common cause, and we also divided over one common cause. So one may ask, what is this one cause that would cause such a division? It is once again the human will to be different.

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Wanting to stray from the norm and to take the un-traveled path becomes a purpose. One cannot simply take off down this new path at full speed, otherwise they will stumble repeatedly until getting up is no longer possible; but that's where the will comes back. The will to fight and keep going, pushing on, for what is right. The strength of the will is shown by one's actions, or lack thereof. All fights begin with underlying motives of differentiation between syndicates, which leads to the perpetuation of the madness of the syndicate's ideals, and is then followed by direct confrontation with the issue of rights,.

One way to avoid such a fight is to physically step away from the conflict, or attempt to divert the issue using political clout. Everyone wants to have a cause. They want a motivation to live, and be better than everyone else.

Survival of the fittest is the way of the world. When James Madison became president, he proposed to congress a three-part plan that was designed to help all parts of the country. The north, south and west were each supposed to be aided by a specific part of the plan. However, when it came time for Madison to approve the plan, he rejected the part that was supposed …

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