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White chapel an area between spitalfields and adlagate an area which was ignored many a time in the Victorian ages but why did it attract so much attention? Was it the intense brutality of the murders in which people felt happy and enjoyed reading about it? As jack the ripper would often use beastly methods of killing the 5 prostitutes and then take a part of their anatomy and keep it as a trophy such as in the case ofCatherine Eddowes, her throat was cut and her bowels were out.her stomach was ripped up and there was a large cut from her breastbone to her stomach.Her intestines were cut out and her kidney and her womb were also cut out.There were cuts on both eyelids and the tip of her nose was cut off.This attracted so much attention because look at this the women was murdered it such a brutal way and this would have been used as an example for women to becareful and protect themselves against any strange men. This also shows that the people of Whitechapel knew what they were having to deal with.

The Whitechapel murders attracted a lot of attention from the media and on two occasion's letters that had been supposedly sent from the ripper were released generating more interest.Such an example was set to a Mr. Lusk and is shown below. This leeter was then later realsead to the media and in today's world prompt the question was it a hoax? Was it done to sell more newspapers? Or was it a real letter? Another point that the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention was the whereabouts were the murders happened.The East End in 1888 was a dangerous place to be and most of the lower class lived there.

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There were mainly English, Poles and Jewish people living in the East End.The Jews fled from problems in Russia and had settled in the East End and were Jewish population had begun to rise slowly.Many Poles were expelled from Russia and came to live in the East End because …

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