After the nations.However, as we saw that

After the First World War, US president Wilson decided to set up the League of Nations.Because of the death and destruction of the war, the league was supposed to bring together all nations to settle disputes in peace.The league was meant to improve working conditions, living conditions and international trade.Most importantly the league was meant to promote peace throughout the nations.However, as we saw that 20 years later another war broke out so it was proven that the league had failed.There were many reasons why the league failed. The league was formulated in a way that there would be an assembly that would allow all nations to get together and convey their ideas to the rest of the members.However, they would not be allowed to take measures to change what was happening.

The league also involved the council which consisted of four "permanent" members; Britain, France, Italy and Japan. When President Wilson went back to the US after promoting the league in Europe, he found that the US had turned against him.Part of the reason why the league failed was because the US never joined.

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They feared that because over 100000 US citizens had been killed in the First World War, the league would lead to another war meaning more loses of lives for the US.People of the US at the time were considered to be realists; people who would look after their own needs and interests rather than that of other countries.The fact that the US did not join forced Britain and France to take full responsibility and they found that they too were torn between self-interests and actual needs for the world. The League of Nations was regarded as somewhat suspicious as it seemed that it was too closely linked to the Treaty of Versailles.

Most of the US disagreed with this treaty and to be a member of the League it would mean that they would have to sign the Treaty of Versailles and agree to it and this was something that they were no…

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