Why of the population of England and lots

Why did the Black Death kill so many people in the The Black Death, also known as "The Plague" was the most devastating disease in world history, it claimed the lives of 40% of the population of England and lots more throughout the rest of Europe.

There were two types of The Plague, the bubonic plague and the pneumonic plague.Fleas living on rats that came from Asia on a trade ship spread the bubonic plague and the pneumonic plague was airborne and got passed on by coughs and sneezes.The Black Death gave the sufferer great pain and killed them quickly.It started of with the sufferer getting a cough like the flu but then went into vomiting and getting buboes on their neck and under their arms, eventually the sufferer will die in a great deal of pain. People at the time had many different explanations to what was causing The Plague, one of the ideas of what was causing The Black Death was that the planets weren't aligned and were out of place and that was causing people to fall victim to the horrible disease, other people such as religious or holy people thought it was the gods punishing people who have sinned and it was Gods choice who will fall ill and who wouldn't.Another reason was that the bodies "four humours" were out of balance and were causing the body to develop the symptoms and die.

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A more common sense idea was that there was invisible fumes coming from the gutters and toilets and not being clean was causing people to catch The Plague.And last but not least there were the Nazis who thought it was all the Jews thought, using the Jews as scapegoats the racists said that the Jews were dirty and impure. The people at the time thought of lots of different ways to try and cure The Plague.

One of the ways that was put forward by the religious people was to make religious sacraments and to punish yourself for your sins so that God will let you off and stop you getting …

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