Colonial create a new life, a life

Colonial America was a place of opportunities.A place to accomplish you dreams and better your future.It was a chance to create a new life, a life you could have never had in your previous home.

It wasn't wonderful to everyone though.To those who were forced to come here, it was a nightmare.For the most part Colonial America was a place to escape religious persecution and achieve religious freedom.Colonial America was also a chance to find work and cheap land.For some, the trip to colonial America, wasn't everything they had hoped for, whether they were sold.

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To some colonial America was a chance to escape religious persecution and achieve religious freedom.The Puritans believed in predestination.They thought that from the time that they were born, God had chosen whether they were a saint or one of the damned. When they went to church, they saw that the king's subjects were allowed to sit in a pew reserved only for the saints.They believed that some of the king's subjects were damned and that they should sit no where near the saints.They decided to leave England and go to Holland where they could practice their religion, the way they wanted.

While in Holland they faced prejudice, the same that they would later show towards the Native Americans.They thought that they were losing their English culture, and they decided to go to the New World.The Separatists, who would later be called Pilgrims, surveyed many areas before finally settling in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

They elected theirfirst Governor, John Winthrop, who won the Governor elections for thirty years in a row.He believed that the pilgrims went to the New World to serve the lord and work out their salvation under the power and purity of God (document 4). Colonial America was also a chance to find work and land.At the time of colonial America'sfirst settlements, there was a lot of land, but no one to settle it.F..


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