As early as 1909, the black community

As early as 1909, the black community in America started to feel that they deserved racial equality, when they set up the NAACP, with the intention of using the law to obtain more favourable challenges to segregation in the courts.

Nevertheless, little had been achieve by the 1940's besides increased membership.The NAACP's demands were quite modest, they wished to outlaw lynching, achieve voter registration and make Roosevelt's Fair Employment Practises Committee a permanent institution. Even though the NAACP had Truman on their side, he was met with a great deal of opposition in Congress, leading him to backpedal on the civil rights issue.The NAACP, felt that they should use more calm methods to try and achieve their goals and went to court quite a few times to ensure that what was outlined in the 14th and 15th amendments were carried out.The NAACP made progress in the 1950's in two cases Henderson vs US and McLaurin vs Board of Regents.Even though their actions were morally correct, going though Congress to try and achieve desegregation was never going to accomplish much, especially considering that they had a very limited amount of publicity.

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Even though laws had been implemented lynching still occurred, the black community were still faced with a great deal of hostility and they had not truly achieve much in the terms of desegregation.This spurred on what may now be deemed as civil disobedience, and more aggressive actions to those that had previously been taken.The black community adopted new methods to try and achieve desegregation such as; sit ins (not only in buses which had been done by Rosa Parks in 1955) to publicly protesting in Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina.These series of events led to other foundations being formed such as the SCLC and the SNCC.Their ability to achieve a great deal of change was limited, and led to a considerably greater violence in the 1960s.

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