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WHY DID CHINA INTERVENE IN THE KOREAN WAR? In June 1950, a few months after the announcement of the Beijing-Moscow alliance, the Korean crisis erupted. Early in October, shortly after the South Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel, the CCP made a final decision to enter the Korean War to fight the American-led international forces. There are many arguments as to the reasons behind the decision taken, and while some argue that it was due to Chinese irrationality, others point out that the CCP (communist party of China) was not only prepared for war, but may have felt that it was inevitable at the time.

Indeed, almost as soon as the Americans intervened in Korea and the Seventh Fleet entered the Taiwan Straits at the end of June, 1950, the CCPs long-standing suspicion of and hostility toward the U.S. seemed to be confirmed as well founded. The Communists seemed convinced that direct armed struggle with the Americans had become inevitable. The decision was not a planned route – as early as the beginning of the same month, Chairman Mao was reported to have said “The world front of peace and democracy headed by the Soviet Union is stronger than it was last year..” and emphasised China’s prospering economy after the bloody battles with the opposition KMT and Japanese.

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However, this optimistic view of a country flourishing, laid the very foundations for the Beijing’s decision to attack. The communists had fought hard for territory in China, and the slow rise to prosperity meant that China had a lot more at stake than merely the sino-korean border.China had just re-emerged as a world power and it had aligned itself with Moscow; and it was anxious to appear in the vanguard of the socialist revolution. Historian Chen Jian argues that there was "little possibility that China's entrance into the Korean War could have been averted” and this was due to a strong feeling of national pride that was prevalent after years of divided rul..


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