There violent revolts to happen in Britain.Even if

There were a whole variety of reasons why Chartism failed and all these factors played a part in its failure.The upper and middle classes were opposed to any kind of violent working class uprising.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Chartism was the economic recession.When this recession finished and the economy stabilised so did the support for the Chartist movement. Another reason for the failure of Chartism was because there were a variety different groups of chartists with divided aims and leadership.

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This meant that these groups were too localised to have the effects of a unified effort on the whole of the country. The chartists were poorly organised and did not have the resources to affect a successful revolution.The strong government also contributed to the failure of Chartism.Also in Britain there was a general fear of any revolution.This was because of the violence of previous one's that had taken place on the continent such as the French and Italian revolutions.

The drastic demands were considered to be too drastic which contributed to the failure of Chartism. The upper and middle classes were most likely the main obstacle to the Chartist movement. The upper class was the more opposed class to Chartism.Having originally accepted some small changes in the Great Reform act of 1832 the upper classes saw any other reforms as unacceptable.In thefirst place they were not happy with the reform act and any more reforms they were strongly opposed to.

One reason they opposed Chartism as in the not to distant past they had seen what had taken place in France and Italy and they did not want the same kind of violent revolts to happen in Britain.Even if the revolution did not happen or violent revolution could be avoided they did not want the electoral system to become more democratic.The middle class had been placated by being allowed into the structure of power. They now sought to maintain that p…

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