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When the Cold War started, the war time alliance can be viewed as' a marriage of convenience ', rather than a long time or term alliance. Before the 1940s most countries in the world were capitalist or had a mixed economy including USA and most countries in Europe but it ended in the 1940s when the war was over. People see capitalism as giving people freedom to do well and make money. Some people disagree with this because they believe it creates huge gaps between rich and poor. Due to this another system was created that is communism where the government provides a common economy and owns the means of production. Communism led to the start of the Cold War because America never accepted this type of system of government.

Hostility between Soviet Russia and the West emerged because during the Civil War in Russia, the West sent troops to help the' Whites ' who were fighting against the communists. The pre World War II marked the ideological origins of the Cold War where America isolated itself in the 1920s while the USSR was focused on building up its military and industrial strength, but they are not fighting one another. Moscow ( Russia ) undermine capitalism and the British and French empires through the Comitern, set up the international communist organization in 1919. Relations between UK and USSR were bad, but the main issue in European politics was the divide between Germany and Italy and the western democracies UK and France. This division between these countries was the cause of the Nazi – Soviet Pact where Stalin made a pact with Hitler on the outbreak of the Second World War. The West saw this as a horror because it is a strange union between two regimes that were oppose politically ( onefacist and one communist ).

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Hitler invaded Russia which led Russia to join the allies.The wartime alliance ( composed of different countries including Russia ) defeated the Nazi Germany. Although…

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