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Why Is It Good to Learn New Languages?Welive in a globalized and different word from what it was like a few years ago.Nowadays, all the people try to communicate in one way or another. Communicationhas become one of the most important factors for success.

The fluency of morethan language is now a necessity more than a hobby. Since a while ago, the teaching of a second language has beenimplemented in most of the world for different reasons. Although some peopleconsider this a waste of time; learning new languages brings more pros thancons. It brings benefits to the brain, increases opportunities in life and alsohelps people to make smarter decisions.It is scientificallyproven that multilingualism has several advantages over the brain.

In the firstplace, according to the Psychologist EllenBialystok and her colleagues at York University in Toronto learning aforeign language helps in the prevention of Alzheimer because of the executivecontrol system that basically exercises the brain in order to remodel some ofits parts denying the development of Alzheimer in the bilingual person. Second,the ability to speak foreign languages helps in the development of cognitiveskills. A study published by Alison Mackey, professor of linguistics atGeorgetown University and Lancaster University, confirms that peoplewho speak more than one language fluently achieve a better memory, creativity,and also mental flexibility. The capacity ofspeaking in different languages also offers more opportunities in thedeveloping in life. The bilingual people is easily hired in most of the jobs.

The capacity of speaking a new language allow people to live, work or study indifferent countries. The knowledge of a second language hasbecome a key factor in finding a job. A studyby the Universia Foundation highlights that the aspect most valued by companies(up to 96.4%) when it comes to selecting the candidate is the fluency in a secondlanguage, in this specific case, English. English remains an essential requirement in more than 86% of the offeringsof qualified employment.As another importantreason why people should learn new languages is that the fact of thinking inanother language different than the native helps people to make more reasoneddecisions in life. According to a 2012 researchfrom the journal Psychological Studies, when people think inanother language they are morelikely to make a rational decision in problematic situations. However, researchersat the University of Chicago found that when people think of a foreignlanguage, this gives them distance, which helps them make more deliberatedecisions and less dependent on emotions.

 While thinking in anotherlanguage it is not as emotional as the native tongue. Although manygood reasons are found, for some people learning a foreign language is a wasteof time and a very unproductive decision. The lexicographer Delfin Carbonellsays in his article “Learning a Second Language is a Waste of Time” that “life is short and we should not waste a minute of it with theeffort, time and money involved in language-learning.

It takes years and yearsand the result is never satisfactory: native speakers will always mock ouraccent, mimic our ways and call us names”. This argument, although acceptable,is flawed. If someone decides to learn a new language, then that implies thatthe person wants to and all the effort made will be rewarded with the goalsexpected. Also, if he says that is a bad idea learn a new language becausepeople will make fun of us, that is giving more importance to other people andhave low self-esteem.In conclusion, learning new languages providesmany good things in different areas of our lives. Despite the evidence,some people underestimate the benefits of study and speak a new language. Theymay think that speaking different languages ??is just a wasteof time.

 It is in fact, a tool that is not only valuable, but essential inour personal life development. In addition to these advantages, multilingualismfacilitates the expansion of our horizons and brings benefits to our brains. AsI mentioned at the beginning, being multilingual is one of the best things thatcan ever exist.


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