Comm features a glimpse into the haunting truisms

Comm 111 – Assessment 1 – "Crafted Writing' Nigel – "Good evening, I am Nigel Billing and welcome to'History's Hallmarks'. Vietnam was America's most unpopular and protracted war, extending two decades and symbolising the rivalry between the superpowers, anti-Communist America and Communist Russia. At its height more than 500,000 American troops were engaged in the conflict, and in excess of 58,000 Americans were killed on the battlefields. The American withdrawal in 1973, saw people question how the most powerful country in the world was defeated.

Secretary of State, Dean Rusk claimed;'President Kennedy should have put in a hundred thousand troops immediately.' General Westmoreland, commander of the US military in the early stages of the conflict, blamed President Johnson for not consenting to America's attack of North Vietnam, arguing that the South Vietnamese lacked'fighting spirit'. Keegan, another American General stated that the Americans had equipped the South Vietnamese Army with'the wrong equipment, wrong tactics and maybe even the wrong doctrines'. North Vietnamese chief, General Van Tein Dung alleged American soldiers failed to become accustomed to guerrilla warfare stating;'They applied a lot of new strategies such as'Special War','Local War' and'Vietnamisation', but the result of it all was the biggest failure in the history of the United States. Today's program features a glimpse into the haunting truisms of the Vietnam War as told by historian and Vietnam veteran Kenneth Ballard. Good evening Kenneth." Kenneth – "Good evening.

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" Nigel – "When did you tour of duty in Vietnam occur?" Kenneth – "I was sent to Phu Cat Province in Vietnam in October 1968, stationed with the 7th Battalion, 15 Artillery". Nigel – &..


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