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Most students normally join college immediately after completing high school.

However, the number of adults opting to attend college later in life has recently been on the increase. A good number of adults go back to college later in life, either to advance their education or finish the courses they had been forced to suspend for a number of reasons. The main reason why such adults go back to college is their desire for salary increment as well as a craving for promotion at their workplace. These necessities can only be guaranteed through the acquisition of relevant educational testimonials. Many young people have great dreams that they aspire to achieve when they grow up. Some aspire to become teachers, doctors, and lawyers, among others. This notwithstanding, not all finish their college education successfully. This is due to many the young people encounter along the way.

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Such obstacles include, lack of school fees. Others quit college to attend to their families (Bondigas par. 2). Moreover, some people go to school to upgrade their skills and enhance their values. For instance, such sectors as the information technology are very dynamic, a factor that compels some workers to go back to school so that they can be up-to-date with these new skills. Some careers such as those in the medical and legal field require one to occasionally go back to school in order to attend specific classes to retain their licenses. In other competitive careers such as education and nursing, one needs to be above the standard employee expectation. This calls for career advancement to many people with the aim of salary hikes as well as promotions.

In addition, such careers also require an individual to continue updating their skills after a while to learn the new techniques and technologies (Bondigas par.3). After working for some years, some adults may opt to start their own business. Such adults may be skilled in their area of specializations, but may lack the necessary skills to run their business.

Thus, most of these workers opt to go back to college and learn businesses related skills such as entrepreneurship to enable them manage their businesses. Through these acquired skills they can be in a position to write their business plan and strategize their businesses accordingly. There are some people that get bored by their current careers and opt to go back to college to pursue new careers. Change of career mainly happens to those people working in a field that they have since lost passion in. They could have been forced to pursue those careers due to their good remunerations or family demands.

There is also another group of adults that opt to go back to college for fun or to master some skills that they aspired to posses while young, but they never got an opportunity to acquire them. Such skills may include learning another language or playing piano (Bondigas par. 4). There are various effects that accompany those adults that opt to go back to college later in life. For instance, those people that go back to school after being out of school for a long time span find it very difficult to cope with the young college generations. They also face a lot of problems while writing their notes and majorities do not write good notes since they have not been doing so for a long time.

A majority of the adults that go back to college later in life often do not perform well in their test. This is because they have a lot of responsibilities to attend to which ranges from looking after their children back at home to finishing their duties in their workplace. On the other hand, some adults that opt to go back to college to advance on their carriers get a very easy time, while studying since most of the things that they learn at class are the things that they encounter in their day-to-day activities. Similarly, those people that go back to college for fun or to fulfill childhood dreams such as learning how to play a piano or learning a different language have a very good moments in their college life since they get an opportunity to pursue their passions. In addition, going back to college for these adults give them an opportunity to receive better pays and promotion in their jobs (Bondigas par.6).

In conclusion, there are various reasons that prompt people to go back to school which include; changing their carrier, finishing their course, retaining their licenses or fulfilling their childhood passions. Going back to college for these adults is accompanied by various effects that includes; challenges to cope with the new life, passions for getting an opportunity to fulfill their passions and lastly opportunities to receive pay hikes and promotions. Thus, adults should be encouraged to pursue their education in colleges later in their life as it is a very fruitful endeavor.

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