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The Autocratic Ideologies which can be defined as "exercising usually unwarranted power" (The Free Dictionary, 2004) include Facism, Nazism, and Communism that have a strong beliefthat the government should be ruled by a single authority, such as military governments. One person can make the decision without consulting any other bodies. This type of rule usually leads to inefficiency, low morale and distrust. In the Facist regime, rulers are selected based on their "birth, education, or social standing" (Perry & Perry,2002, p. 350) There is generally no free elections or opposition to rulers.

These rulers also called Dictators will use any means available to control the population. These controls may include murder, isolation, or economic regulation. Autocratic rulers include Hitler, Mussolini, Arafat, and Hussein.

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China for years had/has been labelled an Autocratic state. We all remember Tianam Square 1989. I have a differing view after spending three weeks in several Chinese proviences during April and May 2004. I spent time in Hong Kong, Shenzen, Shanghai, Goda, and Guangdong. Unsure of what to expect when I arrived in China, I was amazed at what I saw, heard and experienced. I had sterotyped China prior to my visit, and expected to see the military stationed at every corner, old men pulling rickshaws, and poor desolate people that hated Americans.

Quite to my surprise, I was warmly welcomed every single place I went. From the hotels, resturants, shops, theaters, parks museums I never once saw a hostile individual. Capitalism is alive and well in China with some modifications. I shoped in open air markets, bought a Rolex watch for $3.00, CD's for $.

75 and any other thing I wanted. These were not back alley or black market shops. These are legitimate businessess operating under the Chinese law. While there is intelectual property issue in China (they will make anything without reguard to patents, tradem..


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