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Who was Robin Hood? Did he really exist? Did he steal from the rich and give to the poor? Historians and scholars alike have asked this question. MaNy have sought the answers in ancient manuscripts and scrolls. Others have proceeded to analyze the rich, and often confusing oral heritage of ancient England. This is what I found. Many people have argued about the time period in which Robin Hood lived. The common agreement nowadays is that he lived sometime between 1160 and 1350.

The name Robin was very common in the Middle Ages, especially in England where most Robin Hood stories take place. Therefore, it is understandable that quite a few people have been suspected of being Robin Hood. Thefirst is "Hobbehod" (Robert Hod).

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L. V. D. Owen located Hobbehod in 1936. His name was located in the Yorkshire roles for 1225-1226.

They mention that "Robert Hod (fugitive) had stolen 32 shillings and 6 pence." This same outlaw appears several times during the next few years under the nickname "Hobbenhod". Dr. David Crook believes that he is another outlaw known as Robert of Wetherby. We don't know much about Robert of Whetherby, but we do know what it cost to kill him. Initially 40s (shillings), next year 28s, and finally 2s for the chain to hang him with. It seems he met an untimely end at the hands of a sheriff.

Crook also says " All that can be said for sure is that the two men shared the same, very common, forename and fell foul of the law in the same, very large country." Many people have thought to look in Robin's hometown of Loxley. This birthplace wasfirst mention in an anonymous manuscript, known as the Sloane manuscript.

Historians have examined every nook and cranny of this town and found nothing except for one interesting fact; the town member Robert Fitz Odo. His name has raised eyebrows because of its similarity to Robert Fitzooth, one of the supposed aliases of…

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