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German discontent and bitterness in the 1920s began when the post-war peace settlement, the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.The Weimar Republic ended when Adolf Hitler suspended the establishment and believed he had power.The Kaiser had resigned and moved to the Netherlands, and a temporary coalition government was formed between the Social Democrats and the Independent Social Democrats who were both hoping for an ultimate socialist revolution. After Hitler's release from prison in December 1924, he rebuilt the national Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) and waited to regain support.

World War I had left Germany with many political, economic and social problems; they had to pay huge reparation payments, which eventually led to the economic depression in 1929.Hitler thrived in difficult times, and with the masses of unemployed, hungry and desperate Germans, the Nazis moved to take power. Hitler believed that for Germany to become a strong nation, it would have to be ruled by a leader who was racially aware.Racial awareness would come through a process of mobilizing the masses with propaganda that appealed to their feelings, not their reason, and aroused their hatred for all other allegedly inferior races, especially Jews.

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No class or other distinctions in German society mattered (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, CD-Rom, 2000). Hitler appealed to a wide variety of people by combining an effective and carefully rehearsed speaking style, with what looked like sincerity and determination.Hitler persuaded the German society that the Treaty of Versailles was an embarrassment to Germany.He used persuasive speeches to appeal to the people of Germany, at one of his Nazi rallies he said. "All we want is peace, all we want is calm, all we want is to be able to devote ourselves to our tasks.ALL WE WANT IS OUR RIGHTS- AND WE WON'T BE ROBBED OF OUR HONOUR..

." (Hitler's Henchmen II vol..


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