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France endured some very hard times during the late seventeen-hundreds and early eighteen-hundreds.The question is which leader did a better job for France in this time period, Louis XVI or Napoleon?After analyzing each man's accomplishments, it becomes blatantly obvious that Napoleon was the man best for France.Because so many of his changes were positive, even after his empire had collapsed, many Europeans still wanted to keep around the changes he established. Kind Louis XVI began his reign to a great start.He overcame one of the hardest obstacles of actually facing the fact that there was a huge problem to fix for France.

However, one of the major problems in France was debt and King Louis XVI's support of the American Revolution only increased this debt.The king should have taken care of his own country before worrying about the success of another country.Another problem with the king was that he never acted; he only reacted to situations thrown at him. It was not until France was headed into complete turmoil that the he met with the Estates-General.When the Third Estate was making their own alliance, King Louis XVI only saw them as a threat, and just ordered in more troops instead of hearing what they had to say. The anger he caused toward the majority class pushed them to violence.The actions of his people at that time just showed the low level of authority and power he held over his country.

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He did not display any leadership to his people, especially when he fled the country because he was scared of the calls for a revolution. Instead of standing by his people when they needed him the most, he just got scared and left. A true leader stands up to a challenge when times are at there worst. The characteristics of a true leader are found in Napoleon.

At only the age of twenty-six, he was promoted to general because of his exceptional military skills.When all of this was occurin…

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