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For years historians have been obsessed with the question who voted Nazi? , this is mainly because of how incredible the Nazis rise to power actually was.The Nazis came to power only fourteen years after the party had been founded, this was particularly miraculous because the Nazis were an extremist group and managed to get elected into power in the notorious system of the Weimar government, known for its difficult democratic system of government. Post war historians believed that there was a typical Nazi voter. This person was a young, middle class, male but historians soon realised that it would have been impossible for the Nazis to get to power to the degree they did with these votes only.Analysing this period more deeply historians found there was infact a wide spectrum of people voting Nazi.

Extremist government was probably inevitable.After the Wall Street crash Germany's economy began its decline once more because of it's strong dependence on America, the Dawes plan for example. For most Germans this was the second depression they had been affected by.Luckily for Hitler he had opposed the Dawes plan during the referendum for its acceptance, many people would have taken notice of this, which would have initially boosted Hitler's appeal to many people who had been hit the hardest in the depression.Because of these reasons the membership for the Nazi party grew dramatically.

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Middle class shop owners and professionals like teachers recognised that Hitler was correct about the Dawes plan and obviously did not want another depression, these people were very valuable to Hitler's campaign because the middle classes tend to voice their opinions and teachers for example could be very influential over younger generations.Hitler also stirred up support in the middle classes by promising to concentrate on them when he got into power.He made them ask themselves the question what am I getting back …

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