The was left devastated after World War

The United States of America is responsible for starting the Cold War with the Russians.The Cold War broke out shortly after the Allied powers defeated the Axis powers in World War II.The Cold War was an arms race between the Russians and the Americans that lasted until the 1980's. The United States and Russia, two very different nations, united to bring down a common enemy.That enemy was Nazi Germany or the Axis powers.

However, the US did not uphold their end of the agreement until D-Day in 1944.Up until D-Day, there was only one offensive against the Germans, and that was the Russian front.To the Russians, it seemed that the Americans were simply pushing the danger towards Russia.Russia was left devastated after World War II because so much of it was fought there.

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Russian resentment of US resulted from the lack of American support in World War II. Furthermore, in August of 1945, the US dropped not one but two atomic bombs on Japan, which effectively ended World War II.First of all, Russia had never heard of a bomb with that type of payload, and it would not create its own atomic bomb until September 1949.This alone was enough to cause a great scare in the Russians.

Next, by dropping two atomic bombs, it sent the message that America had more of them.This showed that America was not afraid of using its atomic weapons, which deeply scared the Russians. Additionally, it showed the Russians that America had more atomic weapons.

When the bomb was dropped, the US and the Soviets were still allies.Russia had no idea that America planed to drop an atomic bomb on Japan.This led to the distrust between the nations.

By dropping two atomic bombs on Japan, the US did more than stop World War II; it caused distrust and a deep fear of America in the Russians.This was probably a start to the arms race, because Russia had nothing to counter the American atomic bombs. After World War II, the Soviets had …

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