It everything seemed to get quieter. Then, after

It was a beautiful November morning when John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie flew from Fort Worth to Dallas Love Field. As they stepped off of Air Force One and moved to the motorcade, they greeted the crowd that had gathered there. They got into the car and left for the Presidential parade through downtown Dallas, where the adoring masses screamed in support of Kennedy. Mrs.

Connally, who was riding in front with Governor Connally, her husband, turned to the President and said, "Mr. Kennedy, you can't say Dallas doesn't love you." But now, as they approached the final stretch of the parade before heading the Dallas Trade Mart, everything seemed to get quieter. Then, after making the final turn before getting onto the highway, three shots rang through Dealy Plaza. Thefirst shot missed and hit the pavement, sending shards of concrete all over the Plaza. The second shot did not miss, however, it hit Kennedy in the back, then hit Connally in the chest hand, and thigh. The third and final death blow hit Kennedy in the head, splattering his brains over his wife.

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The motorcade sped off to Parkland Memorial Hospital just down the highway in Dallas. There, after several hours of intense surgery, the President was pronounced dead. Some witnesses say that they heard between two and three shots fired, but one said that he saw a "flurry of shells" rain down on the President1. One of President Johnson'sfirst acts in office was to establish a investigative commission headed up by Chief Justice Warren. Almost a year after the assassination, the commission issued the Warren Report.

It contained an exhaustive amount of evidence that pointed to Lee Harvey Oswald, the man that had been captured for shooting an officer later on that November day, as the sole assassin of President Kennedy. Through the years, as different witnesses have come forth, the number of conspiracies surrounding the a…

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