Photographs additional photographs. (Jacobs 1 of 3) A

Photographs were faked while many others were hidden. There has been new testimony about the autopsy of John F. Kennedy that shows at least one or more additional sets of autopsy pictures were taken of the Presidents wounds but no information about the existence of the pictures was ever made public.

The White House photographer, Robert Knudsen, took the existences of the additional photographs. The National Naval Medical Center raised questions about the honesty and accuracy of the autopsy and how ranking military officers and politicians controlled it. But the new evidence gives no indication as to the location of any of the additional photographs. (Jacobs 1 of 3) A Warren Commission report was created on November 29, 1963. This report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only assassin and acted on his own.

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Oswald shot from the 6th floor of the Schoolbook Depository Building, which was behind the President s limousine at the time of the assassination. He used the Italian Mannclicer- Carchano rifle that was found. And final Oswald shot Officer Tippet However, in later years, the Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry admitted to newsmen that it was never proven that Oswald fired the rifle, nobody’s yet been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand. ————————————————————————..


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