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King Tutankhamen is one of the most famous Pharaohs of Egypt, not because he had a major accomplishment during his reign, but because his tomb was found in the Valley of Kings only eighty-five years ago by Howard Carter (www.dancewithshadows.

com). Howard Carter has described the tomb as being "from top to bottom it was overlaid with gold, and upon its sides there were inlaid panels of brilliant blue faience, in which were represented, repeated over and over, the magic symbols which would ensure its strength and safety."As another once describe it, "…here within the great shrine, as original seals on the doors of the inner shrine indicate, on one has entered since the King was laid to rest." The tomb had gone undiscovered for thousands of years.

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It was thefirst tomb discovered that had been subject to only one robbery and was found in almost perfect condition ( When the tomb was discovered the method of embalming used had made it difficult to identify the mummy. The mummy wasfirst mistaken for Tutankhamen's grandfather Amenhetep III.Another astonishing fact was that the tomb found appeared to be that of a young boy. With the discovery of the tomb in the Valley of Kings, and very little documentation found within the tomb, many questions were raised; Was Egypt, one of the most powerful civilizations, ruled at one point by a young boy? If so, how did he come to reign? How old was the King when he died? How did he die? The most important and controversial question that arose from the finding of the tomb was, the question of whether King Tutankhamen was murdered or not.

Because of an apparent blow to the head, Archaeologists and many others believe that the boy-king many have been murdered. To solve this speculation, many questions must be answered and a history of King Tutankhamen's life must be revealed to reveal the mystery that surrounds the death of Egypt's most famous…

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