What because the system of scientific education

What is the big bang theory? Well, it’s more than half a theory built to give atheists something to believe, so why think then? We believe in it because the system of scientific education then changes than ever really should not be taught in schools, but scientists make the curriculum of the scientific class. Nothing strong about it really. But, this is off track.

Let’s talk about the Big Bang!Therefore, astronomers believe that the universe was created about 13 billion years ago. During that time, the entire universe inside the bubble was smaller then the smallest thing you could think of, and was incredibly hot and dense. From anywhere, this bubble bubble thing thing began to expand. This expansion created what we know of the universe. In such a small time the universe went from the atom of our homogeneous galaxies that are constantly increasing.According to the theory of the Great Bang, the universe appeared as an individual. The features are believed to be located in the heart of the black holes.

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These areas are called a dense area of ??infinite “vocabulary”. The universe is believed to have started very small, heavily heated, and infinitely dense. With time how much more content we have with it.The observation shows that each galaxy took the same time to move from the starting position to its current position. This observation is called the Hubble Act, named after Edwin Hubble, who discovered this in 1929. Edwin Hubble’s guide supports the rapid expansion of our world, and indicates that the universe was once compressed. Thirdly, if the universe is madly hot as the Big Bang suggests, scientists should be able to find some of this left heat. In 1965, scientists used cosmic microwave background radiation that implanted the observed universe.

Finally, the discovery of large amounts of helium and hydrogen leads to the support of the Big Bang Theory.So far we have the basics of big bang theory, what happened after the initial expansion? In the fractions of the first second after the initial creation of what was once a vacuum began to expand into the universe. Immediately after the Big Bang, the universe was extremely hot, because this was the result of both matter and moving material moving away in all directions.

As it began to cool there was about an equal abundance of materials and antimatter. However, the antimatter disappeared and rarely found at the moment leaving only a case to fill it.


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