Who that a powerful leader called Marius attacked

Who is Julius Caesar? What did he do to Rome? And how is he remembered? Gaius Julius Caesar born in July 100 BCE (Rome), his father was a praetor who governed the province of Asia, his mother Aurelia Gotta a noble birth. Died in 15 March 44BC at the age of 55 (Rome) because of assassination. He got married three times and that wasn’t a lot at his time, the first was Corneilia and the second was Pompeian and the third was Purina Pisonis. His children were Julia 76-54 BC, Caesaron 47-30 BC, and Augustad (adopted) 63 bc-14 ad.(wikipedia.

com)Julius was a great leader to the city of Rome. He shaped Rome on how it is today and made it a better place. And a lot of people are trying to follow his footsteps to make Rome a great city.

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Rome grew larger and larger not only in size but also in power because of his help. He ruled with both physical and mental power. His amazing knowledge in many areas including military strategy and politics is what allowed him to be a great leader. Julius Caesar was a great leader, brave and genius. He was perfect. He changed Rome from a republic to a dictator, he made Rome an Emperor and extended Rome too.

These were the main things that he did to Rome. (weebly.com)(bulb,inc) When Julius was young there were a lot of troubles in Rome and that was in 80’s BC.

And these troubles were that a powerful leader called Marius attacked and took over Rome. But although Caesar was young but he was smart about his moves, so he allied with them and it was by marring their daughter. But it didn’t last long Sulla got Marius out of Rome in 82 BCE. After that Julius escaped by joining the army but actually he was still young. But it didn’t last long and when he came back he wanted to go to Greece to study but it didn’t work out because the pirates got him and made him slavery, but he was smart and got himself out of it. But these didn’t affect him because he was a hard worker, and actually what happened was he when for the second time and then he came home safely, And then he made himself involved in the politics of Rome. And then he became the Chief Priest by 63 BC. After that he made an alliance with two other powerful men but it had an end because one of them died.

(bulb,inc) He became the dictator of Rome and it had a lot of impacts on him and his country by 44 BCE. And he got there with his genius technics. “Befriending those with power and then consolidating the power so that it was held by a small elite class”(bilb,inc).

And while he was a dictator he made a huge impact on Rome but positive ones. First he improved its economy a lot. Second he made rules like one that says that the people that are very very rich they had to pay a lot of taxes, and he made all the teenagers work and he actually provided jobs for theme. Third he expanded his the Roman Empire because he was very good in leading an army. Rome was able to take over the small independent states and that’s definitely because of Julius and it actually increased their number(bulb,inc).

Caesar’s rule didn’t last forever because usually the dictator only served a few months, and when he asked to be for the rest of his life, the Senators refused because they never liked Julius. Some of the Senators didn’t stop till that, no they made some meetings and decided to kill Caesar and it didn’t last long. On 15 March Julius Caesar was died. “Although the senators succeeded in ending Caesar’s life, they did not realize at that time that the Republic had died with him,” (“Julius Caesar”). In conclusion, Julius Caesar was a great and powerful leader. He changed Rome from a republic to a dictator.

He got married three times and that was not a lot in his time and that means that most of the times his mind was thinking about how to make Rome a better place. .”Caesar didn’t just survive, but prospered.

He gained power by making alliances with powerful men. He curried favor with the people through his generosity. With his soldiers, he demonstrated generosity as well, and perhaps more importantly, he showed bravery, excellent leadership skills, and a good bit of luck,” (Gill).

His knowledge, military genius bravery, and strong points made him a great leader in his times. He extended Rome allot. He made Rome a very powerful empire. No one could make what he did after him it is never the same. His life is important now because people are using it as a real experience and they are learning from him mistakes. Metwally4Acient historybulb,incEncyclopedia Britannica McGill


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