Who likely depend on the type of condition

Who is the voice for those with disabilities … Who do they tell or who helps them when they do get bullied ? Pressure to speak is not likely helpful , and various communications aids are available for students who cannot speak .

Students with a disability go through various of illness on why they cannot talk by ; having a hearing loss , injury , and psychological conditions .      In the first place , the impact the disable child go through in the predicament of getting bullied is living with a disabled child can have profound effects on the entire family parents, siblings, and extended family members. It is a unique shared experience for families and can affect all aspects of family functioning. On the positive side, it can broaden horizons, increase family members’ awareness of their inner strength, enhance family cohesion, and encourage connections to community groups or religious institutions. On the negative side, the time and financial costs, physical and emotional demands, and logistical complexities associated with raising a disabled child can have far-reaching effects as we describe below.

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The impacts will likely depend on the type of condition and severity, as well as the physical, emotional, and financial wherewithal of the family and the resources that are available.  When preparing to talk to children about bullying, adults parents and educators should consider how they will handle the child’s questions and emotions, and what their own responses will be. Adults should be prepared to listen without judgment, providing the child with a safe place to work out their feelings and determine their next steps It is never the responsibility of the child to fix a bullying situation.

If children could do that, they wouldn’t be seeking the help of an adult in the first place.    Nextly , Most school bullying takes place in areas that are less supervised by adults, such as on the school bus, in the student cafeteria, in restrooms, hallways and locker rooms. Schools need to create an action plan to address these spots by additional adults or using security techniques including closed circuit cameras. They can also establish anonymous reporting tools like suggestion boxes or cyberbullying hotlines where students can send real time text messages or leave a voicemail on the school website.   The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act  is a federal law. It requires that each child who has a disability and qualifies for special education and related services must receive a free appropriate public education.

The State Department of Education in each state enforces Students with an Individualized Education Program would qualify for these protections. The Office for Civil Rights  enforces 504 and students with a 504 plan or an Individualized Education Program  would qualify for these protections. In October 2014, as part of National Bullying Prevention Month, the U.S.

Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights issued guidance to schools reminding them that bullying is wrong and must not be tolerated including against America’s 6.5 million students with disabilities. The Department issued guidance in the form of a letter to educators detailing public schools’ responsibilities under 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act regarding the bullying of students with disabilities. If a student with a disability is being bullied, these federal laws require schools to take immediate and appropriate action to investigate the issue and, as necessary, take steps to stop the bullying and prevent it from recurring.

The letter further clarified that the bullying of a student with a disability on any basis, not just their disability, may result in a denial of special needs  must be remedied by the school.  However , bullying can happen multiple ways such as Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional , and that involves an imbalance of power or strength. Often it is repeated over time.

Bullying is not the same thing as conflict. Conflict involves danger among two or more people. Any two people can have a conflict or a disagreement or a fight  , but bullying only occurs where there is a  imbalance. Bullying can take many forms.

Direct bullying can involve hitting, kicking, shoving, spitting, taunting, teasing, racism , verbal harassment, threatening, and obscene gestures. Indirect bullying can involve getting another person to bully someone for you, spreading rumors, someone kick you from a group , and cyberbullying.     When dealing with bullying parents have an option on dealing with the situation or not acting on it , but helping their child with their local emotions that their child is dealing with it is important to always be supportive of your child and listen to your child’s experiences. Always be sure to tell your child that it isn’t their fault , but Do not encourage your child to fight back.  Make sure you write down as much information as possible about your child’s experiences , and share this with your child’s teacher to see if he or she can help to quickly resolve the problem.

If the bullying or harassment continue or the teacher does not fix the problem quickly, and dish the fact that your child is getting bullied by another student in class than you should contact the police or the principal . Additionally, sometimes children , and youth who are bullied also bully others parents should ask their children questions to find out if their child is bullying peers or younger children. If this is possible, the child would be put in the system as no longer getting bullied , but is causing the bullying to at some point of time , and that bullying needs to stop completely .    Autism children also is target because they can not understand things properly , and learn up to the ability people with autism have trouble recognizing social cues which makes them awkward around others. They also often engage in repetitive behaviors , and tend to be scared or shaky  to the environment because they never explored the outside world , and which makes kids with the disorder ripe targets for bullies who home in on difference and enjoy aggravating their victims. When  About a third of autism cases are severely disabling  those affected may suffer from low IQ and be unable to talk , but most autistic people have average or high intelligence and many can function well, if their social and sensory issues are appropriately addressed.  Statistics state facts on ” Why some children bloom and overcome their disabilities ”  have problem with social life , and in class situation trying to learn , but are having problems concentrating .

While their social awkwardness was more obvious because they actually interacted more with mainstream peers, this made their actual disability less visible, likely making their condition harder for their peers to understand . Children with autism who could speak have actually more problems well for example, three times more likely to be bullied than those whose conversational ability was limited or absent. Further, those who were mainly educated in mainstream classrooms were almost three times more likely to be bullied than those who spent most of their time in special education. Families should send their child to a school to where at the school there are children that are like them perhaps , and they would get along with the child next to them  because they both have special needs , and are in the same predicament as every other child in the room with them . Also animals help kids with their disability as well because they can direct them on which way to go , and if they make any accidents including parents states “, parents said their child enjoyed interacting with dog Children with autism especially benefit from interacting with dogs, which can provide unconditional, nonjudgmental love and companionship,” on local rta buses you see people with special needs have the dog pulling them in a direction to where they not getting hurt but are led to there right direction . When disability people have to register for the pet or there local animal to lead them places they have to go through the law , and identification if they really have the disability or not by federal law , and proof from the doctor of information .    Teachers at local schools can help so far to helping children with disabilities because they know the schools have their own rules , and regulations dealing with the children that gets bullied Instructional support is often needed within the classroom setting.

Students with autism learn better with pictures and demonstrations. Limit long verbal instructions and provide visual cues and written instructions, when possible. Also limit distractions and use positive rewards for positive behaviors many people with autism have strong passions and deep interests. Getting to know your students likes and dislikes can help you understand what motivates them. Students with autism can participate in most activities that other kids and teens do, so provide encouragement to participate when appropriate.    Daily , families spend a lot of amount of money on their child with the disability because the child can varies from different difficulties so the amount of money goes up , and up everyday  statistics states , “The cost of autism is staggering.

It can cost a typical family $60,000 per year and expenses are rising even further,” basically stating the cost of taking care a autism child every year the amount of the typical family goes up , and up . Basically parents should save up for their special needs child because they need all the money , and what if the special needs child wear diapers or is in  the wheelchair , and they need a new wheelchair this year because they grew or they body length is out of shape for them to fit , statistics state  parents should plan financially for their special child’s needs just as they would for college tuition that often means saving as much as possible as early as possible to take advantage of compounding and build a fund for when more services may be needed later in life.  Parents have to think about whether or not they can’t designate their disabled child as a beneficiary in any will or life insurance policy without jeopardizing their eligibility for federal or state assistance.      Students with disability parents understand that they income is going to become lower , and lower because they can not work or go to work because they have to take care of their sick child at home .  Statistics states “, Parents of autistic children should also prepare for a loss of income Rosanoff says that on average, mothers of children with autism earn 35% less than mothers of children without autism”. As more time is required to care for the children, there’s simply less time to work.  Fathers incomes and careers can suffer as well as they may pass on promotions for more flexibility to help with the child.

Another statistic state “, “It can be a major loss of productivity for families while their costs are going up, they start making less ” . Sometimes fathers do not be in their life because they do not know how to deal with the child like the mother can provide for their child , and it was also found that the drive to provide for their children often forces fathers to miss family appointments . Statistics states “, health professionals meaning that almost four in 10 say they do not fully understand their child’s condition” . One in three say they are not fully confident that they know how to care for their child so basically they let the mama fully develop every need that the child needs to take care of their child in everyday life .When they have families with autism children , and healthy kids in the family that are sisters , brothers give the sick child an advantage to learn more difficult things these stressors can result in difficulties adjusting to the demands of a special needs child , and can not pinned on the healthy child .  Statistics state “,Growing up with a sibling with autism appears to manifest in both positive and negative outcomes for siblings, depending upon important demographic, family, and individual variables”. Also children also have positively sides in getting a connection with other children in the house studies say , but statistics say “, Kids with autism often can’t make connections that other kids make easily. For example, when people smile, you know they feel happy or friendly ” see they both have negatives , and positive vibes between getting along with family members that is healthy .


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