The future peace. However they had very different

The treaty of Versailles was influenced by a lot of different people. The people with the most influence were probably President Woodrow Wilson of the USA and George Clemenceau of France.I am going to try and decide which of these two had the most influence. In order to do this I will need to look at what each of them hoped to achieve and what they actually got. Both Wilson and Clemenceau had one common objective in the peace treaties, to insure future peace. However they had very different ideas on how it should be done. They also had very different reasons for wanting it. Woodrow Wilson thought the best way to keep the peace was through a peacekeeping organisation through which all problems and disputes would be sorted out.

He thought Germany should be made to pay for the war but should not be victimised as this would only lead to further problems. Wilson came to the Paris peace talks with a very set agenda that he put to everyone in the form of his four principles and fourteen points. His four principles were: 4) A future peace keeping organisation The fourteen points were based around these.

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George Clemenceau thought that the best way to keep the peace in Europe was by punishing Germany so much and keeping it on its knees so that it never had the power to go to war again. He wanted to make Germany pay the whole cost of the war; to make it give back all of its colonies and any other land it had taken; to place very harsh restrictions on the German armed forces, trade and merchant fleets; to make sure it couldn't form alliances with other countries and to generally make it impossible for Germany to ever regain any sort of economy or political strength in the world. To see what Wilson achieved I will go through his fourteen points and see which of them he achieved and which he didn't. Thefirst point was open negotiations and treaties. This was sort of achieved, most future agreements were open but the a.


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