Who is the Sou Fujimoto

Who is the Sou Fujimoto?

Sou Fujimoto is Japanese architect based in Tokyo, Japan. He born in Hokkaido in 1971 and he graduated from the Department of Architecture at the University of Tokyo in 1994. He established his firm, Sou Fujimoto Architects in 2000. He has been a lecturer at Kyoto University since 2007.  He is one of the most important names contemporary architecture in the world. He has captivated the world with his experimental projects. His firm has consistently shown an innovative and unique play of spatial qualities within its building designs; he is pushing the limits of housing and space conventions with a solid history in residential and cultural projects.

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The young architect defines his architecture under the concept of primitive future better described by himself as “a sort of primitive situation that relates to the human cave habitation but at the same time creating something new for the future”. This explains very well his works, especially in his recently completed library and museum for the Mushashino Art University.


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