Dr Spring, Ohio which she graduated from

Dr Frances Cress Welsing is a child psychiatrist that was born on March 18,1955 in the Chicago area of Illinois. She is a third generation Physician in her Family she followed the footprints of her father Dr Henry Noah Cress and her grandfather Dr. henry Clay Cress by becoming a Physician.

She had to go through several years of study to become will know. Shefirst attends Antioch College in yellow Spring, Ohio which she graduated from in 1957 with a B.S.

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degree. A year later after graduation she entered the College of Medicine at Howard University in Washington D.C. She then graduated from Howard University in 1962 with a M.D. degree.After Graduation Dr Welsing interned at the Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois between the years of 1962 through 1963 while there she received a chance to take a residency in General Psychiatry at St.

Elizabeth's Hospital, in Washington D.C. In 1966 to 1968 she held a fellowship in child Psychiatry at Children's hospital. From the Dr Welsing was employed as an assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the department of Pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine. Dr Frances Cress Welsing is best known for her controversial theories on Race. She is the Author of two books The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (white supremacy) and Also the Isis Papers. She is also the founder of Counter-racist Psychiatry and also affiliated with Actor Paul Roberson School for Growth and Development, North Community Mental Health Center, in Washington, D.

C. from 1976-1990. In 1970 Dr. Frances Cress Welsing wrote The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy). In this theory she explains the origin of racism. Why is whiteness is a color deficiency. Why white people feel threaten by non- White people and the psychological cause.

Welsing based her theory off of the Textbook for Victims of White Supremacy by Neeley Fuller written in 1969. Fuller suggested tha..


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