While mass health and also it will

 While treating sick people,
limitations I felt forced me to do further study for management of the health
of people. After searching for long it came out WSU is among one of the best
university for providing courses regarding health. Moreover Masters of Public
Health is such a subject which is co-related with my previous studies as well
as with my work experience. It will help me to improve and manage the mass health
and also it will help me to enlighten my current career too. I am going to
study Masters of Public Health course in WSU, Sydney in its parramatta campus.
WSU is also providing excellent practical skills with modern techniques.

In this university they do lots of experiments with the mode and style
of teaching which is also unique feature of this University comparative to any
other universities in Australia. In Master of Public Health, I am going to
study the following subjects among them core subjects are : A subjects among
them core subjects are : A Global Perspective on Social Determination of Health,
Public Health, Policy & Society, Introduction to Epidemiology, Introduction
to Biostatistics. Elective subjects 11 out of 21, Occupational Health
Management, Safety and Risk Management, Policy, Power and Politics in Health
Care Provision, Leadership for Quality and Safety in Health Care, Communicable
Diseases, Health Services and Facilities Planning, Surveillance and Disaster
Planning, Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology, Epidemiology of Noncommunicable
Diseases, Data Management and

Programming for Epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology. After
completing MPH from WSU, I can look forward for the jobs in my motherland such
as Epidemiologist, Surveillance Officer, Data Manager, and Public health specialists
in hospital or Hospital Manager in hospitals, government sector, and health
care societies. Moreover, Masters of Public Health is such a subject which is
co-related with my previous study as well as with my current job. It would help
me to improve with my current job. It would help me to improve and manage the
mass health on and on it will help me to enlighten my current career too. In
India MPH courses are offered in several Institutes or Universities like AMITY
Uni. In Gurgaon, Birla Institutes of Technology and Science, Chitkara
University of Patiala, Eternal University Sirmaur(H.P.)etc. Indian Institutes
are offering these advanced courses like MPH indeed, but in India if we go for
admissions in colleges or universities even after scoring good %age, due to
high competition level getting admission becomes difficult. Moreover Quota system
which is very popular in Indian education system makes it difficult for general
category and other state people to get admissions in reputed Institutes. All
these hazards doesn’t make the environment favourable. So in spite, studying
overseas being very expensive I chose Australia because it is more affordable
than other countries like U.K. or US because Australia offers quality education
and tolerant multicultural society with a favourable climate conditions. There
is a huge difference between conditions. There is a huge difference between quality
of education offered in India & Australia with various funding and
scholarship opportunities available. It is better option to go overseas for higher
studies. If we talk about practical knowledge, it is not provided up to that level
in India which is being provided by Australian Universities especially WSU. In addition
to that curriculum of Indian and Australian Universities have great difference,
so I think choosing WSU is better option in all the



24/01, 5:26 PM After completion of my course, I would like to put my full efforts
to improve the public health conditions in my home country as I feel due to lack
of awareness, India is far behind in this. Moreover, being a developing country
it still need much improvements as compare to other nations in the world in this
field. Lack of knowledge in people is main drawback. I will try to aware people
of India thereafter and would feel lucky to serve the motherland in any way.
Being a medical practitioner it will really soothe my soul. I strongly believe
that after completion of my MPH from believe that after completion of my MPH
from reputed university like WSU my skills would be polished enough when I will
return back to my homeland. It would help me enough while dealing with my
patients in my clinic. Being more skillful, I would be able to remove those
hazards or drawbacks which I used to face during my job & practising in my
clinic. Moreover I will be eligible to get job in Public Health Dept. or other
related field with grade elevation in my salary. Last but not the least my
family, which for me is more important than anything else in this world because
for me family is my priority, money and career are secondary needs. I will be
obliged to see my family after so long and they would also be proud of me,

 I declare that the particulars
given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect
or misleading statements may result in refusal of my admission and/or student




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