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While an obstetrician is an expert in pregnancy, they’re unlikely to be the only doctor you see during your pregnancy.  You may see another doctor due to problems that existed during the pregnancy, new problems which are diagnosed while you’re pregnant or needing extra care during delivery.  If you’re unsure about the role of any doctor make sure to discuss it with your obstetrician or midwife, but here’s a guideline to get you started.General PractitionerYou’ll still be cared for by GP during pregnancy for anything that isn’t related to the pregnancy.  Monitoring pre-existing medical conditions, minor like coughs and colds or getting new scripts are all reasons to see your GP. If they have any concerns or think you need to be reviewed by your obstetrician then your GP will either contact your obstetrician themselves or suggest you get in touch.Obstetric PhysicianObstetric physicians focus on medical conditions in pregnant women. They are experts in how different medical problems can impact on pregnancy, as well as what medications are safe to take while pregnant. Your obstetrician may refer you to see an obstetric physician if you have a pre-existing medical condition or if one arises during pregnancy. Some of the most common reasons expecting mums see an obstetric physician include diabetes (either type 1, type 2 or gestational), thyroid disease and blood clotting conditions.  You may see them again after the birth if your medical condition is ongoing or if you’re wanting advice about medication use while breastfeeding.AnaesthetistIf you do have a caesarean section or choose to have an epidural during labour then you’ll see an anaesthetist.  An anaesthetist is a doctor who has specialised in providing different types of anaesthesia such as epidural, spinal and general anaesthetics. If your obstetrician anticipates you may need extra care during the delivery they may refer you to see an anaesthetist before the birth, but most of the time you won’t meet them until you’re in the birth suite or operating room. Mater Private anaesthetists provide 24-hour coverage which is important considering babies aren’t known for respecting regular business hours!  Not all private hospitals offer this 24-hour care, so this is another advantage to choosing an obstetrician at Mater Private.PaediatricianOnce those 40 weeks are over there’s going to be a new little patient: your new baby! A paediatrician is a doctor who has specialised in children’s health.  A paediatrician will check your newborn over after they are born.  Depending on how the birth goes this may happen immediately afterwards or sometimes a few hours later.  Sometimes babies need a bit of extra care or monitoring after they’re born, in which case they may be admitted under the paediatrician to the Mater Private Neonatal Critical Care Unit.  One of the advantages of having a baby under the care of a Mater Private obstetrician is having access to world-class neonatal care no matter what the time of day your baby needs it. Most private hospitals do not offer this round the clock paediatric care.


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