While to light many new applications or those

While it is close to the end of 2017, Google has unearthed the names of best Android apps in different categories for the year and we bring them in this post for you.

The techie giant, this time has included many apps in the winning list not just by the download times but by their utilities or entertainment. It brings to light many new applications or those that none have heard of before, but rank among the favourites for many for their usefulness. Without a doubt, Android apps development has become an integral part today in every sphere of life. The game is getting intensified with millions of apps stepping out everyday with newer approach or entertainment or utility.  The list of the best ones is obviously long! However, here are some of the apps that Google picks as the standouts in the market in the different genre.

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Socratic-Math Answers & Homework HelpThis application is marked out as the Best Application of the Year for its brilliant attempt to deploy AI (Artificial Intelligence). Any questions related to any field, be it maths, science or general topic, will get an answer in the app. Clearly, Socratic lets users, who are mainly the students to get instant solutions for their maths, science or history homework problems.

Moreover, they can get so by just taking a snap of the problem from their notebooks. PinterestIn the list of most Innovative Apps, Pinterest is on the top.  Either it is about discovering anything or sharing a new idea with rest of the world. Pinterest is just making the life of people more exciting with its full of options.

One can find ideas about everyday lifestyle (cooking, fashion, etc.), save ideas by topic for future research or search any idea with keywords. PicsArt Animator: Gif & VideoGoogle puts this app as the best in the category of most entertaining apps.  With GIF images and animated videos adding too much fun in social media interactions, this application rode higher in the list of favourites for many users. Users can create their own kind of cartoon videos, interactive GIFs, doodles, or even have the option to emojify their faces with fake objects. To add more, they can also make voice-overs. Jampacked with great animation features such as funny frames, drawing tools, layers, stickers or emojis, it simply provides a captivating and fun-filled experience to the users.

AppyStore Kids Learning VideoThis application stands as the best one in kids apps category. It offers a comprehensive and playful learning experience for the kids with audios, songs and educational videos. It includes stories. rhymes, reading lessons, number games, picture puzzles, science, math, logic and many more. In short, the app is a must-have for new parents as it will help their little ones to learn many things in an exciting way. SideChef: Step-by-Step cookingGoogle decided to put this app at the top in best daily helper category. As the name suggests, the app helps the households or anyone who tries cooking with easy and quality recipes. With a doubt, it makes cooking as easy as pie for novice cooks with an array of recipes in different categories with detailed ingredients and image guides.

Improve English: Word Games This is a whole new kind of application having a blend of creativity and utility and stands out in the category of Best Hidden Gem, which is for most interesting ones. It helps the users to enhance their English and grammar skills with easy exercise, word games, interesting puzzles and reminders. The app has quickly attained an impressive fanbase for being an unconventional one. Like- Magic Special Effect Video Editor The technology giant declared this application as the winning one among the Best Social Apps. Primarily a video editing app with interesting features, it allows the users to share their video creations online on different social platforms with a click. With best magic effects, music, cinematic effects, 3D magic, beauty effects, or even lip sync, it triumphs as the best app in the category and is loved by millions.

As the list of top Android applications of 2017 is out, many are surprised by the absence of most trending apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. While the reason can be anything, it is pretty clear that the above new app entrants have managed to win most hearts this year with their innovative approaches. Author bio: Hemant Gupta is the Technical Director of GetAProgrammer, a Sydney-based company for mobile apps development. He is quite passionate about Android technology and got himself trained well in all aspects of Android. An early adopter, avid writer, tech enthusiast and a keen explorer, he likes to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the industry.


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