Whether form of trust as U.S. government

Whether our Federal Government or another, a government can become too big is possible, but you have to rate it not on its finances. The purpose of the U.S. Government is to administer judgment according to standards of justice (Messmore, 2007) that help to protect its citizens and their individual rights as they can be vulnerable or become attacked from within or outside the nation’s boundaries. From within, a policing system from officers to judges and the court system protects a citizen’s rights while an armed military system protects the country as a whole. All of this is needed to maintain what the Founding Fathers wanted through taxation to support the forces that manage and keep order. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place (The Avalon Project: Federalist No 51, n.d.), but as the government grew and expanded, so did the needs of the country and so more money was needed until debt began to build.
The debt that the government has accumulated does not give any indication that can fully describe the size of the government. The debt does not determine the size as an unknown corporation can rack up more debt than a well-known corporation, but that does not make the unknown corporation bigger. If we were to all of a sudden just erase all the debt that the government owed and were now even, would the government become bigger or smaller? Now the word “too big” indicates that it should be smaller or reduced, it does, however, indicate or suggests that the Federal Government is large. Politicians who are elected can be seen as the reason behind some of the dept as they encourage voters to let them use the money for a project that may or may not be successful in helping reduce debt.
Many American citizens complain as they know that during Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, the IRS collected more than $3.4 trillion (SOI Tax Stats IRS Data Book, 2018), and that high taxes as taxes as the norm for quite some time and the tariffs and tax on U.S. imports for consumption incoming products are not coming anywhere close to helping fit the bill to balance out the government’s debt or spending. As interest rates on public debt has fallen from 8.8% to 2.3% in the last 19 years helps create a form of trust as U.S. government debt is considered to carry very little risk (DeSilver, 2017), but the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GPD), when compared to the debt, may put a lender off, if the government came into their bank. The nation’s (GPD) that is the total value of goods that the country produces and with the services provided within the United States each year is lower than our national debt that was equal to about 40 percent of GDP and then ballooned to 78 percent of GDP in 2013, almost twice the pre-recession level (Haskins, 2016) and continues to grow. Similarly, the U.S. government’s debt compared to the collective debt of its citizens is also higher as accumulated interest, defense spending, Social Security, and other Social Services continue to rely on money that is there within the paperwork, but not within the capacity to actually be inexistent.
Currently, as we advance, if we look back to just under a year ago and beyond, it is easy to see that since 1776, our country has become a defaulter. The debt was described that the last quarter of 2017, the total debt of American households has reached a record level of $13.15 trillion (Americans owe $ 13 trillion in loans, 2018) as reported by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and according to their Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit (2018), it is the 14th consecutive quarter, and are now $473 billion higher than the previous (2008Q3) peak of $12.68 trillion. With this trillion-dollar amount, it only grows larger every quarter as the student loans, mortgages, car loans, and credit cards build up; with the household debt rising by $193 billion (Morath, 2018) in the final three months of 2017. We are not currently seen as delinquent, but being in the red should cause us to be uncomfortable, but it does not seem to affect our government’s view on spending.


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