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Whether hard work or luck can contribute to success has long been a controversial topic. Although many individuals claim that luck plays a prominent role in success, I am of the opinion that hard work is the key to success. I think this way for reasons which I will explore in the following essay.
First of all, success is definitely the result of great efforts and diligence. Indeed, only the ones who work diligently are able to achieve permanent success. If only luck is considered, no one would work and just wait for being successful. Success will happen over time and also after a series of circumstances, such as making the right and thoughtful decisions, careful planning, and patience. The great improvement in today’s technology cannot be the result of good fortune. If human beings had sat to wait for good fortune, probably we would still have used fire to cook or ridden horses for transportation. All achievements in science certainly come from hard work and constant efforts.
Secondly, a quite number of people tend to ascribe the success to luck instead of detailed planning and hard work. That is because of they usually judge others according to their appearance. They do not know how successful people try. As an instance, someone may have a rich neighbor who looks comfortable and does not work a lot. It may be thought he become rich by chance. However, maybe he was born in a poor family and worked hard in his youth. Moreover, myriads of people are willing to win a lottery or always play gambling instead of hard work. Notwithstanding some people become rich due to win a lottery, the majority of rich people works hard and suffers from different difficulties during their lives. Last but not the least, it is essential to perceive that ‘No pain, No gain’ is not a fallacy. The more you try, the more you gain.
To come up a conclusion, I firmly believe that both diligence and great endeavor lead to success. As long as I wait for good fortune and not try, I will not achieve success.


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