Where The advanced application of robotics and automation

Where automation technologies, on one hand, are disrupting the future, they are also, at the same time, creating potential avenues and opportunities for individuals and businesses.RoboticsRobotics has been around for a long time as there have been instances of robotics in the history of mankind. Robots and the study of robotics have advanced incredibly over the past few years. In fact, robots are now being widely used in various sectors.AutomationAutomation is the next phase of the industrial revolution and is considered as an extension of robotics. While it is easy to identify a repetitive process or task, it is equally difficult to program such a code that can make a machine carry out the same activity on an uninterrupted basis.With the advancement of technology, robots and automated systems made ways into businesses for plain mundane tasks which do not require any major human skill. However, further, with the introduction of advanced analytics and data sciences as in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), it has now become possible to automate even the complex tasks that can act intelligently like humans.Analytics is now being used to identify or avoid risks. Sensor technology is being applied to the everyday objects which operate based on inputs. The advanced application of robotics and automation can be seen in technologies like driverless cars, chatbots etc.However, data analytics is the backbone of robotics and automation technology. It required an extensive amount of data to be analyzed and processed to provide enhancements in the tasks to be programmed into a computer-understandable code.Below are few examples of AI, automation and robotics technology where real-time data analytics plays a pivotal role.Driverless VehicleDriverless vehicle self-navigate without any human intervention from one point to another. In this, the sensors and cameras provide real-time input of distance between vehicles, traffic conditions, and natural obstacles such as stones and dividers. This real-time data is then processed at high speed to allow the vehicle to navigate at an optimum speed. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology helps in navigation and route information. All these technologies and processes work together in processing large data sets on a real-time basis to redefine the driving experience.ChatbotsChatbots are mainly used in customer service processes where they require complex understanding to simulate human behavior. Data analytics leverage the large data and provide a significant value to the chatbot technology. Bots are designed using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to continuously learn and evolve the responses to customer queries. In fact, they are better capable of resolving queries faster and more efficiently as compared to their human counterparts and hence are used in help desk management systems.Although the evolution of these technologies might interrupt with the lifestyle, these, on the other hand, could also potentially create new avenues and opportunities for individuals and businesses.The mass adoption of driverless cars may allow low-cost entry for small-scale investors. They can set up a division of driverless cabs without relying much on the third party. Moreover, programming and data analytics would create more jobs for software engineers.Similarly, complex programming and artificial intelligence technology required in chatbots would create more jobs in data science analytics and service delivery industry.Market sentiments predict that the job market never stays static but changes continuously with innovation in technologies. With the increased use of remote connectivity and digital presence, the job market is anticipated to scale up with the future of work. Tasks which are performed manually today would become progressively more automated for better business efficiencies. This will be the key for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve and outpace the competitors.


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