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When I was 15, I started reading business magazines and was mesmerized by the sections of those newspapers relating toBusiness and Current affairs events around the globe, which eventually led me to ponder over the questions revolving around the dimensions of business dynamics and strategies.  At a very nascent stage of my youth, I realized that this was something I was passionate about. This led me to opt Commerce for higher education. After qualifying commerce with ‘A’ Grade, I selected Bachelor of Commerce that would provide further knowledge ofBusiness admin and fundamentals of Management, Accounting and Financial. Information on commerce field is at the root of other disciplines and has enormous opportunities of exploring and learning. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to utilize the innovative approach for Management of Human resource,Marketing, product development and operation research.

 Also, this field has developed so much over the years that it gives brighter prospect and career enhancement to the aspirants.While pursuing Bachelor of Commerce I started pursuing Company Secretary Course simultaneously, I initiated my career at Nirlon Limited as a management trainee, which is recently taken over by Singapore Government. I am always fascinated by the roles of team leader, project controller, human resource department, Secretarial and legal department. Although I have groomed myself so much during my career, Master in International Business will help me enhance the sharpness of my skills.Whenever I got the opportunity to participate in any extracurricular or academic events I actively participated in all those events to present and enhance my leadership and management skills. I believe in continuous learning through practical and academic experiences. During third academic year I formed a club named “SAATHI” with other five students where we promote gender equality and its benefits through Plays, Nukkad Natak and Debates etc.

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I was also the head of university cultural committee and successfully organized annual cultural festival “TOSHA” where my responsibilities were planning, fundraising, distribution of task, monitoring and voice of students to the higher management which gave me an opportunity to communicate with the top management in leading companies and prompted me to learn more about businesses.With technical soundness, managerial knowledge is essential too. Commerce student plays a crucial role of manager, who distributes and utilizes the resources, finds the solution to vitalproblems in pragmatic way, develops the product by understanding the market demand and leads the team to achieve great success in the project.

Masters in International Business illuminates the understanding of the important areas such as finance, resource management, operation research, marketing, strategic management, principles of leadership and that of team building. A commerce student with sound technical understanding combined with management understandings can benefit both, to himself and to the company and at the end, in sequence, gradually benefit the nation as well. Therefore, I believe, pursuing Masters in international business will increasethe growth opportunities and lead me to the place, where people establish strategies and rules for business development.Why Hult International Business School?Hult International Business school offers a great master programmes.

Here, Students are taught an integrated curriculum, teaching that attempts to break down barriers between subjects and make learning more meaningful to students. Also, faculty understand current market trends and issues, bring a wealth of both teaching and industry experience to their classrooms, and maintain the highest per capita research output. It also provides unique global perspective to study in three of the most influential cities .In addition, with the diversity of student body that creates uniquely challenged and simulating learning environment, I believe that the Hult Internatonal Business School will provide me the finest opportunity to fulfill my goals.Hult International Business School provides enthusiastic environment with diverse culture, therefore students can learn from each other and encourage students to make contribution to the research.

 Hult is having a pool of experienced faculties that will help me in deep understanding of fundamental concepts of international business in simple and effective manner. Hult International Business School is a student centered Business School that assures of an atmosphere of close cooperation between faculty and student and encourages students for learning, research and discovery.


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