At would set in motion, the cultural collision,

At the end of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus began a journey.His journey would set in motion, the cultural collision, of a new world.This new world would now be the new home for Europeans, Africans, and a changed home for Native Americans.

The residents of this new world would find comfort in their similarities anddifficulty in their differences.But it is in these similarities and differences that will shape and make their new land. The similarities and differences, of these very diverse people, were many.We will focus on their societies, labor practices, religions, cultures, politics, and the relationship of men and women within these topics.These topics themselves are diverse and as we will find the collision of these diverse people helped shape the "America" we know today.

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The cultures we recognize today of European, African, and Native American are quite different in comparison from them in the 15th century. The Europeans of that time lived in a patriarchal society, in this society men where the dominant force.The amount of control or power each man had was simply based on their bloodlines.This was a patrilineal way.Your status in society was based on who your father was and the higher your father was on the political ladder, the higher the status, his family would receive.For example, the younger sons of an English noble, who were lacking property at home, were given new land to lord over in the new world.

( This English nobility feeling of superiority spilled over into their labor practices as well. The labor practices of the Europeans were sexually diverse and often rigid.The men played the dominant role at home.

The men were husband, father, farmer, handyman, protector, and provider.While the women were left with mother, wife, entertainer, field hand, maid, and cook.There was a great divide between the sexes.Women did not own property and had few rights…

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