When as an individual in all scenarios.

When talking about person centred practice the main person is the patient. Always explain what is going on with the patients, why you are doing what u do or what will happen when you do, these are questions that the service users will what to know and they should be answered. It is mandatory to make the service users feel included at all times. (Hassan, 2009). These are the following but not limited to those mentioned below.
• Always help the service user do as much for themselves i.e given them independence to help themselves and not always rely on the care worker.
• The patient comes first, in person centred practice, in that case patient have choices
• The patient must be treated as an individual in all scenarios. Some care workers make mistakes of shouting on their patients and also treating them like a child including using power to control them; this might cause the patient to go more into depression because at their recent state, they are already vulnerable.
• The patient must be treated with dignity and respect, this will open them up to achieve independence as much as possible
• Ensure that the patient rights and privacy are maintained at all times
• The patients and their families will have control over all aspects of their life, from beginning to the end and it also involves making everyday decisions of what happens to them.


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