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When disaster strikes people react in a variety of ways. People may do some different things like run, scream, hide, stay put and let it happen to the death but those are just a few ways people react to disastrous situations like a tsunami, tornado, or a fire. Which is what this essay is all about.In one story Mammoth Shakes and Monster Waves, it talked about a few different situations. Here is one certain situation about a girl who saved many people from monstrous waves.     10-year-old Tilly Smith was in Thailand enjoying a vacation when she noticed that the water had retreated into the ocean really far as if it were low tide times 10.

Then the text said “Tilly remembered a geography lesson two weeks earlier at her school in England. These were the warning signs she had just learned. A tsunami was coming!” Then Tilly told her father to ask the hotel to evacuate and head for the hills and saved a lot of people. To sum it up so young minds are very helpful in life or death situations.

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In another story called Lehigh Acres Tornado Leaves Uncertainty in its Wake, it mentioned a family that had lost their house in a tornado. They were all at home when it happened, first the kitchen window shattered with 132 mph winds which were not normal. According to text, it stated that “We’ll get EF0s and EF1s occasionally, but they’re not quite as strong as what we saw this Saturday.” That explains in the rest of the story they had to repair the house with supplies from hardware stores. In conclusion, you have to be prepared no matter the circumstances.The last story which was called Teen Loses Dream Birthday Party But Embraces a New Dream Instead is about a teen who had ideas but mother nature thought otherwise. The teen named Shyla Vega was getting ready her quinceanera when her house and party items were caught on fire and burned to the ground in a massive wildfire that it burned down  52 homes and 14 businesses. In the article, it stated that “Bryan, as he sorted through a pile of clothes that Shylah had collected to be distributed to her community.

” which says that she cared about the community after a huge that affected many. That proves that all parties can crash and dreams crushed but sometimes you need a disaster to see the truth like Sylah did. To finish up some of the people need a time of bad or worse to them to have a person really know whats going on in the world.In conclusion, disasters are a way to experience something good or bad and to help others in need. This is how certain disasters affect people and what they do on the outcome of what happens.


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