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When someone asks me “who is your idol in your family?” My answer always be same; “my mother of course. I admire her”There is lots of reasons. First of all, she is very beautiful woman and has the coolest wavy hair I have ever seen. When I was a 6-7 years old, she dyed her hair red and I think that she looks like Princess Ariel from Disney. Secondly, she is very empathetic person, never judge me or anybody else. She is also very courteous and always say “thank you” or “please” to people, this is one of the important thing I learned from her.

Third of the reasons;Her motherly love also extended to the animals. Due to her sensitivity, I decided to be vegetarian because she bring me up like this way.Also all of those things I mentioned before, she cooks awesome foods. When I come to home, heavenly smells, she cooked, welcome me.

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Although I can not remember our first memory, she remembers everything about me. She is my one and only with so many aspects.


I'm Mary!

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