When sensitive area requiring much of our attention

When it comes to our skin, both theageing factor and environmental factors take a toll on our skin. There are ofcourse unhealthy factors that we can attempt to bring under control, habitssuch as bad diets and the amount of sun exposure our skin receives; but otherfactors, particularly how our skin changes physically over time, cannot be evaded. the dreaded appearance of lines and wrinkles aroundthe eyes The skinunder our eyes is a significant part of our facial skin, it is surrounded by moisturisedskin that is rich with Hyaluronic Acid. Not to mention, the skin under our eyesis a sensitive area requiring much of our attention as the years move forward. Aswe age, our skin cells produce less Hyaluronic Acid, leading to less waterbeing retained within the skin, which dries out giving out on its volume andelasticity, making it more open to wrinkles, owing to repetitive expressions.

The thin and dry skin also makes the cheeks look more and more droopy. Oftentimes, this can be due to weight gain or loss as well. In addition to droopycheeks, the bone structure and core muscle also change, magnifying the depressionsaround your eyes, leading to a sunken and tired look.

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Where does the volumedisappear? Ageing isa daunting process for many. Along with wrinkles appearing, through the ageingprocess, we actually lose a bit of fullness in our temples, forehead and eyesocket. This is the pocket around your eye, which highlights thesefeatures. Your eye orbits increase in size, leading to a look of sunkeneyes.

The facial skeleton also changes, leading to further changes involume. As the fullness leaves, your eyebrows begin to droop and the skinunder your eyes starts to get even thinner, with both bags and dark circles appearing.Many women apply creams in order to add moisture back to theirskin, or choose to skillfully coat on make up to cover up wrinkles. However, ifyou would rather not opt for cover up options- Juvéderm® facial fillers couldbe for you. Putting volume back into central areas around the eyes withJuvéderm® fillerscan help you get the refreshed look you want.

 HOW CAN JUVÉDERM® BE of HELP? Juvéderm®, a Hyaluronic (HA) facial filler, can fill temples toreduce hollowed appearances around the eye area and give your eyes a more well-definededge. Juvéderm® is also an alternate used to fill deep folds around your eyesin order to decrease their impact on your appearance. See the results.


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