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When I initial began attending to hike Greenland’s polar circle path, it absolutely was tough to search out helpful details online.So this can be my decision to remedy that scenario and create the hike additional accessible to English speakers United Nations agency have an interest in exploring this stunning and lesser-known space of the globe on foot.Recommended Experience LevelArctic Circle path hikers should have expertise extant alone within the geographic area, understanding their own limits, reading weather patterns, and also the ability to navigate unacquainted with the piece of ground employing a map and compass.Located regarding thirty miles north of the polar circle, the standard route stretches 102 miles (165km) from Kangerlussuaq International aerodrome to the fishing village of Sisimiut on the geographical regionHow Long Does It Take?Depending on fitness levels and also the specific route is chosen, the normal 102 miles long polar circle path from Kangerlussuaq aerodrome to Sisimiut will take anyplace between 7-10 days to complete.If you think that you’ll hike the path in ten days, certify to incorporate 2-3 additional buffer days for delays because of weather, injury, exhaustion, or canceled flights.Seasons & WeatherThe first hiking season is from June to Gregorian calendar month once the path is freed from snow.The path is very muddy in June when the snow melts with watercourse crossings turning into deeper and a lot of dangerous.In Gregorian calendar month, the danger of snow storms is higher as winter begins.While hiking the polar circle path is feasible within the winter, it’s way more tough & technical.I started hiking August twelfth and had to interrupt out my dipterous insect head web a number of times.In August, the air temperature fluctuated between 60’s (F) within the day to 30’s (F) at midnight, with one afternoon of snow flurries.Swarms will be downright displeasing from June till period once the primary frost finally kills them off.Flying To GreenlandFlying to the island is that the costliest a part of this epic trekking journey. Air island offers regular flights to Kangerlussuaq from Reykjavik, Iceland, and Danish capital, Denmark. thus you’ll get yourself to 1 of those cities initial.I flew to island from Danish capital for $1032 USD trip. currently, if you’re hiking the Arctic Circle path from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, you’ll conjointly get yourself back to Kangerlussuaq so as to go away the country.The unidirectional flight from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq prices regarding $200 USD.If you wish to facilitate checking out international flights to Iceland or Kingdom of Denmark, make certain to browse my widespread post regarding a way to realize low-cost Flights.Accommodation OptionsAccommodation in Greenland before and after the hike is expensive. A single room in Kangerlussuaq or Sisimiut will set you back about $100 – $200 USD. A hostel dormitory bed costs between $30 – $40 USD.Trail Huts & CampingBad weather may additionally forestall you from reaching one in all the huts in time, thus having a backup set up for shelter is incredibly vital for your safety in Greenland’s large geographical area.Spread on the route could be a series of nine basic wood huts with bunks that area unit free for hikers to use.Packing a tent is very counseled tho’, as some huts solely sleep four and will probably be full after you arrive.However, I did sleep in two of the path huts throughout my hike and took a daily nap in a very third.If you’re hiking from hut to hut day by day, the total journey (from Kangerlussuaq airfield, not the ice cap) can take ten days.How Many Hikers?Only three hundred folks hike the path per annum, therefore whereas you’ll run into alternative hikers, it’s attainable to travel days while not seeing a fellow human looking on that month you opt to aim the trek.many folks hike this route for the solitude, therefore walking along and chatting for some miles before gap on your own once more was the quality routine.Food & WaterWater, on the opposite hand, is pretty simple to require care of, as there area unit uncounted fresh lakes, ponds, and streams on the Arctic Circle path.The traditional Arctic Circle path route takes 7-10 days for many folks to complete.they are doing have ingredients for path combine — however, to be safe I’d additionally prepare your own path to combine before you arrive.thus hikers ought to pack a minimum of ten days value of food to be safe.to stay it as light-weight as attainable, I like to recommend shopping for dehydrated tramper meals and conveyance them with you to island.That’s plenty of food! At 1-2 pounds (16-24 ounces) of food per day, that’s regarding 10-20 pounds of food on your back.While there’s a grocery store in each Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut, they don’t stock dehydrated meals.Packing List50 cubic decimeter Backpack, Carbon Trekking Poles,Waterproof carry Boots, Hiking Gaiters, Cuben Fiber tarpaulin Tent,40 Degree bag, Inflatable Sleeping Pad, Emergency area Blanket,Waterproof Gore-Tex Shell, Headlamp,32 Ounce Nalgene Bottle, Jetboil nada cookery System, Knife & Waterproof Matches, First Aid Kit, Heavy Duty Garbage baggage, Mosquito Head web, Long underclothes, Hiking Pants, Hiking Shorts, Hiking Shirts, Wool Socks , Fleece Top, Ballcap Sunscreen Mosquito Repellent, Winter Hat & Gloves, River/Camp Sandals, Paper Maps & Compass, iPhone half-dozen & Camera GearMaps & GPSYou’ll wish to shop for a series of three paper geographics maps that cowl the whole length of the polar circle path.The path is marked with occasional rock cairns on the means, however, there area unit a couple of places wherever you’ll be able to still lose the path, and in weather, the cairns aren’t forever super visible.You can attempt to pre-order the polar circle path maps from island touristry.whereas you’ll be able to typically obtain these at the Polar reside Kangerlussuaq, it’s higher to induce them prior to as a result of, on the island, things run out of stock simply.In addition to the paper maps, I additionally packed my iPhone six with a LifeProof FREE Power Case running Greek deity GPS and pre-downloaded maps.there’s no cell service on the path, however, you’ll be able to still use your phone as a GPS device.


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