When life?”, I find great solace in knowing

When faced with the dauntingquestion of “What do you want to do with your life?”, I find great solace inknowing I will utilize my education to propel me towards my ultimate goal ofbecoming a scientist. As a student in the college of science I made a decisionto participate in a FYRIS biology lab during the fall semester, it was in thislab that my interest in becoming a research scientist developed. I found that myinterest in becoming a research scientist has stemmed from this lab as I havehad the opportunity to perform assays within a laboratory environment, readscientific articles, and analyze information. I aim to make this interestbecome an occupation as I plan to earn a PhD in biological sciences, and pursuea career in a laboratory researching drug addiction. As a female pursuing aneducation, and ultimately a career, in a STEM field I am aware that challengeswill arise, however, I find it is these trials that test capability and prepareone for success. In order to improve and obtain a certain skill, like manypeople, I challenge myself to achieve a set goal.

After moving from Californiato Texas following the divorce of my parents, I set the goal of achieving academicexcellence despite my home situation; on June 10, 2017, I met my goal as Igraduated in the top quarter of my high school class. Holding myself to highacademic standards, I have set a goal of participating in the BUILDing SCHOLARSprogram as I find the value I place on my education can be advanced by thistraineeship. The BUILDing SCHOLARS traineeship would enhance theeducation I currently receive at the University of Texas at El Paso byproviding an intellectually stimulating education in biomedicine. As myschooling continues, given the opportunity to train in the program, anincreasing emphasis of scientific research will be placed on relative knowledgediscussed within the classroom. By providing an opportunity to obtainfirst-hand experience of laboratory research a pathway is produced in order toshape my studies towards research topics I want to pursue. By participating ina hands-on involvement in research projects, BUILDing SCHOLARS will develop myresearch design skills, guide me as to which research questions to ask, anddeciding which topics to work on.

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The traineeship will allow me to learn theproper techniques so that I may properly function independently in a laboratoryenvironment, ultimately preparing me for graduate school.


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