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When I knew that I have to do an essay to be allowed to made the exam, honestly the first thing I tought was not to do it, because it was just the day before the exam, and I hadn’t study anything at all, but when they explain me what is supposed to be about the essay I was like oooouh! I really doesn’t wanna do the essay, but it was about Values and the most important value that I been told to have scince little is the responsavility, so I orginice myself.

I start studing for the exam to force myself to do the essay without beeing meaningless.so I start at 5:00pm a clock and finished at 6:15pm more or less. I take a little breack and a soccer practice at 7:00pm so I was finally back in my house at 8:30pm with the shower and the dinner it was now 9:15pm I was totally tired but I knew my essay was still missing. At that moment I realize that what I was doing, the fact of making an extra effort to do the essay is not a value it is a habit and its quite different to a value, and I’m gonna explain the meanings and why they are different.Fisrt of all an habit is something that you often do, somethimes whitout thinking it twice you just do it because its normal on your daily life, you’re costumeed. And a value is an aspect by one a single person is appreciated.So why I start talking about an habit because what I do was both a value and a habit the  habit of doing homework and duties its kind off value, because I really really didn’t wanna do the essay but I start thinking in all the effort my parents are doing and the trust(value)  they are giving to me and I with responsavility(habit)_decided what to do.  Here are some examples of values: -honesty-trust -peace -respect  —service.

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 Hero are some examples of habits: -make your bed -wash you teeth  -do your homework  -wake up early. ‘But there is a significant difference between values and habits. An habit is kind of ‘ sonal not everyone had the same, its pretty easy to make an habit by repeating the same and the same one an other time, thet is something doesn’t happens in values, they are Personal also, but they does say everything gbout how a person is you can distinguish a good an a bad person by knowing them by knowing their values if he is trustful you can have a good relationship, and with someone that wakes up early doesn’t says anything about how he is, about if he or she is a good person you just don’t trust in someone because he does his bed, because probably he does it and each morning, but you dont know him, if he can take care of your kids meanwhile you go to a meeting, thing that does happens with a person with values, thats is why they are that important, because it how a person is not what he does.Someone is important and valuable for how he is, what he does, I’m not saying habits are Wrong they are exelent but not that good as values are the habits are very important but not that important.


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