When and unhealthy. I could also help myself

When I was young, I have always have a lot of dreams. And a very big dream in all of them was my dream job. And I have had crazy dreams like becoming an astronaut but I have erase all those dreams when I was going on a trip with my school to a nursing home to help the doctors do medical examination to all the old people there. And that is when I decided to be a doctor. And I also want to be one because of these reasons
Firstly, doctor could be a very helpful job because I can get to help others who are sick and unhealthy. I could also help myself and my family if they are sick. And I could help the poor people in our country countryside who can’t afford to pay the bills for hospital and medicines.

Secondly, when I dream a doctor, I can contributes to the world by finding out new diseases or come up cures for those diseases. And I can also learn a lot by curing for others and doing practice.

In conclusion, doctor is and always will be my dream job because it is a very helpful job.


I'm Mary!

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