When me happy and thats when i decided

When i was a kid i want to be a chef until now. As i grown up i got better and better and someday I’m going to a culinary arts school that good to make me more successful. Cooking always making me happy and thats when i decided i want to be a chef.

If i’m already a professional chef I will cook my mother’s favorite food. I want them to be the first to taste my special menu. I will cook my parents and my family and I will make them proud and when I have enough money I will make my own restaurant. Someday I’ll be known as a best cook. My dad doesnt want me to be a chef but because of that I want to continue being a chef even though he can’t support me of what i want i’ll pursue being a chef.

This is my goals because this is what i want to be someday.

No one influenced me to become a chef I decided by myself because since I was young being chef is what i want. I do not even have to choose a topic because I’m really sure of what i want to be.


I'm Mary!

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