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When looking into the statistics of homicides, I was
genuinely interested in the offenders that varied based on sex; whether boys or
girls caused more deaths by homicide. When looking into the statistics it
stated that while females stayed pretty consistent in their number of offenders
from 1980 to 2015 the males had varying stats that fluctuated throughout those

 To be quite honest, I
am not very surprised by that the number of males that committed homicidal acts
was larger than those of females. It may be a biased opinion but I strongly
believe that females do not commit these crimes as much as males do. I believe
that men are relatively stronger and most of the time more aggressive than
their female counterparts, especially at a young age where your “manliness” is
something that you have to prove within your social group. It states in the
article that “females account for a small share of known juvenile homicide
offenders; fewer than 100 juvenile females were implicated in homicides in the
U.S each year since 2002.” Which honestly makes you think that yes as a girl we
do have a lot of aggression as well but most of the children that I have seen
(speaking from opinion) that are females at a young age do not lean towards
violence or even homicide of others they tend to stick to self-harm (again
based on experience and on opinion) whereas most of the boys that I have seen
tend to be more aggressive leading them to commit more crimes.

In the article, it states that around 2006 the trend for
male juvenile murder offenders changed by dropping significantly in 2013 but
then increased around 2015… this genuinely makes me curious because I do not
remember any specific reasons or outbreaks within society near me that would
lead these children to want to commit such acts. Around 2013 all the children
that I grew up seeing were good children who had a strong value for those
children around them, I did not personally see any children, male or female,
and that looked or showed signs of becoming aggressive. As 2015 rolled around I
still did not notice a change in those children, they were still growing up to
respect and care for one another. But this is to say that it was a small group
of children in one select location so I cannot speak for all the children
around the world.

I can understand that with different backgrounds of social
living male and female children can be pushed beyond their limits, but the
numbers still surprise me with how many children commit these acts. Though
looking at the data, I can say that I am not surprised that more male children
commit more homicidal acts than female children. 


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